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Place Holder

When you control your calendar you dictate who you spend time with and when. And they don't have to be colleagues.

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100% Responsive

Minamaze (Lite) is 100% responsive. It looks great on all devices, from mobile to desktops and everything in between!

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Powerful Framework

Get a taste of our awesome ThinkUpThemes Framework and make changes to your site easily, without touching any code at all!

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Better IS Better

AT&T’s “Better” campaign is pretty entertaining. There are a number of them out there, but this is one of my favorites: There are two things I like about it. First, who can deny that “better is better”? Who doesn’t want better work, better relationships, a better life or a better phone network? The instinctive response

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Dangers of the Pat Answer

(Image courtesy of sirikul at Pat answers have a place in my world.  When I am asked, “How are you?” I have a pat answer to reflect a positive attitude and bright outlook.  My pat answer is intentional, thought out, and the same almost always.  It works extremely well until I need to engage

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Freedom Comes From Discipline – 5 Tips To Reach Any Goal

A few years ago I was duped into running a half marathon.  Sounds ridiculous, but tis true – duped.  My wife and her best friend agreed to run a half marathon and knew they needed their husbands to participate with them.  Here’s what the conversation sounded like in my house: Salli: “James is running the

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